Tru6 Restoration & Design was founded in 2015 to provide customers with the highest quality, period-correct surface refinishing for air-cooled Porsche cars, including plating, anodizing, chrome and paint. Surface preparation is the most important stage of painting a car.

Tru-6 extends this philosophy to all of the other metal parts on your car. There are outstanding paint and body shops to restore and paint your car’s body; there are expert trimmers to upholster it; there are trusted engine and transmission builders to overhaul your drivetrain. We take the same commitment to excellence that Porsche did, and these shops currently do, and apply it to the rest or your car. We are committed to restoring that showroom-new look from decades ago in your car, using our carefully developed techniques and processes. It is these details that make your car more than the sum of its parts.

Tru6, at its core is your own, personal specialized restoration shop, even if you are a shop, as many of our customers are. What makes Tru6 unique in the restoration world is we care about your parts as though they were our very own, preparing them for Pebble Beach.

Tru6 is essentially a surface prep company. Whether plating, anodizing, chrome or Cerakote, 80% of the work we do is creating the best possible surface to accept the final layer. For that last 20%, we use only the very best vendors to make your parts as perfect as they can be.

Every part, every process is worked on by hand with true craftsmanship and a passion for excellence as guiding forces. Many times a part can be declared done and we know the customer would be happy with it but we also know it could be better. Those times, the part is reworked to achieve the best possible outcome.

We have specialized in Porsche 911 restoration since the beginning but have done quite a lot of vintage Ferrari and Mercedes restoration work as well and welcome all makes.

Tru6, LLC, is an independently owned and operated business and is not affiliated with Dr. Ing. h.c.F, Porsche AG or Porsche Cars of North America, Inc.